Chief Justice John Roberts: SCOTUS’s Unforeseen Umpire

Chief Justice John Roberts: SCOTUS’s Unforeseen Umpire

| By Alexander Heller | (Published on October 12, 2020)

To say Chief Justice John Roberts holds tremendous influence on American jurisprudence would be a dramatic understatement to those who routinely follow the Supreme Court. His leadership and moderate conservatism have shaped the way the American justice system is today and provide a hopeful future for those — on both sides of the political spectrum — looking to also make a substantial impact on the legal system.

Yet underneath all of this enormous clout lies a man whose judicial philosophy is as mysterious as it is compelling. Chief Justice Roberts may be viewed as a maverick to some, but what exactly is his judicial philosophy? What kind of leader is he? And what do we make of his Court if this era of political polarization continues? 

It may be difficult to pinpoint exactly the type of Chief Justice he is, but throughout all of his experiences, it seems that John Roberts may just be the type of Chief Justice Americans have been looking for.

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