The Supreme Court term that Trump and Conservatives hated

The Supreme Court term that Trump and Conservatives hated

|By Alexander Heller| (Published on July 10, 2020)

Back in October of 2019, conservatives were rightfully optimistic about this year’s Supreme Court term. Justice Neil Gorsuch began to be seen as the most hardline supporter in the conservative block and Justice Brett Kavanaugh would finally begin his first full term on the bench.

Conservatives were fully prepared to reap the benefits of its unprecedented influence on the judiciary, but just as arguments began to be heard cracks started to take shape. Chief Justice Roberts was no longer the solid vote conservatives long since viewed him as, and the true judicial philosophies of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh didn’t sit well with many on the right.

It wouldn’t be until late March when the most conservative Supreme Court in a generation would hand conservatives their biggest losing streak in recent memory. In a sheer stroke of luck, it seems that liberals finally have the momentum they’ve been looking for.

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