The Film That Inspired me to become a journalist – (The Secret life of Walter Mitty Review)

By Alexander Heller

I was always enamored by this film when I first saw it seven years ago, but it took a couple of rewatches for me to fully appreciate THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY for the gem that it is. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s a film that matured gracefully as I matured as a film-lover, a journalist, a photographer, and especially as person.

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Ways to Improve the Oscars

By Alexander Heller

When the Oscar nominations were announced last month, every cinephile, like myself, waited in anticipation to see what films were going to be nominated and what films to watch if some stood out in their respective categories. As expected, I was both ecstatic and disappointed by what was nominated. My excitement was mainly due to the improvement in terms of the quality of this year’s films that were nominated, but my disappointment stemmed from the lack of improvement in the Oscars’ showcase.

The Oscars have dropped significantly in relevancy in recent years and their status as the end-all-be-all arbiter of what makes a film “great” is even losing footing among the Academy themselves. Getting the Academy to change anything is a monumental task in of itself, but given how desperate they are to stay in the spotlight it’s only a matter of time something equally as monumental forces their hand entirely. So, in an effort to remedy this eventuality I thought it best to levy my frustrations and list possible ways to improve the Oscars, because let’s be real, they certainly need an upgrade.

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I just want to give Iñárritu a hug and tell him, “it’s going to be ok” (BARDO review)

By Alexander Heller

On a pure technical and story stand point this is Alejandro Iñárritu’s most ambitious film to date. An argument can be made that THE REVENANT filled that role back in 2015, but I feel somewhere between BIRDMAN and THE REVENANT Iñárritu wanted to make a film that was both intimate and indicative of him as a person.

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Annual Halloween Watchlist: Week 4


Well guys, we’ve finally reached the end of this Halloween series, but I have to say it was a pretty sweet ride. This week we finish things off on a bit of a lighter side as we fondly revisit Scooby-Doo and Charlie Brown while ultimately exploring the deeper meaning behind Harry Potter’s dark evolution and Batman’s epic resurgence. Not to mention holding a newfound appreciation for Vincent Price. So, let’s jump right into it and end this on a bang!

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Annual Halloween Watchlist: Week 3


This week marks the halfway point in this Halloween Watchlist series, so it’s only appropriate that we finally get into some of the big name films. These are among my favorite films to watch during Halloween season as they explore themes and motifs that are common in our collective consciousness. Plus, it’s not often you get to see classic feminest films and Japanese horror all in one week…

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Annual Halloween Watchlist: Week 1

Three years ago, I began reviewing horror movies on Twitter for the month of October. I saw it as a fun little project to distract myself during college, but what I didn’t expect was how much of a hit it became overnight. So now, what was just a simple distraction from has now become an annual event and I’m excited to do it to you once again! In this first weekly piece we’ll be discussing vengeful Japanese spirits and the hidden subtext behind some of horror’s classic movie monsters. Break out the pumpkin spice and candy corn, it’s time to get spooky!

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