Here, you can browse through all of the content I’ve created during my time as a journalism student and writer for Philadelphia Magazine.

My portfolio showcases some of the major assignments I did while at Rowan University, as well as some independent work.

During my tenure as news editor for Rowan’s newspaper The Whit, I assisted in creating the paper’s first continuous news podcast, while simultaneously breaking a national story concerning the mental health of college students across the US.

My independent work mostly consists of my photography and some articles I’ve written while at Philadelphia Magazine. I had the opportunity to photograph Joe Biden’s first campaign rally in Philadelphia, along with interviewing an 18 year-old Climate Change activist from the Philadelphia Sunrise Movement.

In addition to my portfolio, I maintain a news blog called The Mindful Report where I analyze the United States Judiciary Branch and other news stories using multimedia methods such as data visualization, podcasting, video making and aggregated article writing.

Below is a copy of my resume and qualifications. If you have any questions or job inquires, please email me at afxheller3695@gmail.com.